Jody Hope Gibbons

Contemporary Landscapes

These works are available either from my Matakana studio or a gallery in New Zealand. Email me for more details and for more artworks that may not be featured on the site. Credit cards accepted and shipping available.

Roam 1 and 2
56cm x 70cm
Mixed media on canvas
Available at Ora Gallery Wellington 04 3844157

Emerald Earth
Mixed media on board

112cm x 83cm
At Mobile Art Gallery
Mt Eden 09 6306543

Landscape Disc
40cm diameter

120cm x 120cm
Mixed media on canvas

Radiant 1 and 2
76cm x 76cm
Mixed media on canvas
At Artbay Gallery, 13 Marine Parade Queenstown, 03 442 9090

77cm x 101cm
Mixed media on canvas

Fluid Motion
96cm x 66cm
Mixed media on board framed

Framed little blocks
26cm x 26cm
$250 each

Aspect Series
Framed works
36cm x 36cm
$385 each

120cm diameter
Mixed media on board

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